Mary Moore Loop Trail progress, 4/2/2020

We’re halfway through the first week of three weeks building the Mary Moore trail loop extension, and some good progress has been made!
Its surprising to say, but even in these crazy times, trail building is surprisingly similar to any other time. Social distancing is one key, but we train volunteers to keep 6 to 8 feet away from each other by default. Gloves are always worn from the moment we start work, and they stay on until we are done, when they are brought back and disinfected. Tools are never handled without gloves, and get wiped down after each day. And we are always vigilant with the morning health questionnaires, which we do at all pre work tailgate safety talks anyway. It is a bit weird to give each other such a wide berth when we work, but other than that, its great fun, great exercise, and an unbelievably beautiful place to be. It refreshes the soul and body. Thanks to Kathleen Ross for giving us her time and energy. She has been moving, breaking and placing rocks in the first and hardest section of trail, and has been a great help.
Are you starting to go stir crazy, stuck at home? If you are 18 or older, haven’t had contact with the infection or been out of the country in at least 14 days, are feeling healthy and want to get outside, do some work and have fun, please join us. We are open to having up to 6 volunteers at a time, and will be working on this project every weekday morning for the next few weeks. Email with questions or to sign up. We would love your help!

Take a look at the progress update video for more: