Support our important work and honor a loved one by donating a tribute bench at one of Sharon Land Trust’s Preserves. Putting a tribute bench in a gorgeous spot with a lovely view, surrounded by the sound of birdsong, is a gift to our community—and a lovely way to honor a family member or friend. We will work with you and your family to develop a vision, location, and tribute plaque

Currently, Sharon Land Trust uses pressure-treated wood to create a two-person bench based on the design of famous ecologist Aldo Leopold. You may choose to have a brass tribute plaque installed on your bench, with customized wording and design that will create lasting memorial.

We ask for a donation of $2,500 for our current tribute bench design. Our bench is constructed and assembled by staff and volunteers, and donations cover not only the cost of the bench and its installation and maintenance, but also stewardship of the preserve.