The Land Trust is always in need of volunteers! For anyone who likes walking in the country, we have many pleasant tasks we need help with. We can match a volunteer project to fit the volunteers interest. If you are interested, please volunteer!

The land trust volunteers are the backbone of our great organization.  We have many projects during the year that we could use help with.  They are:

Land Monitoring

Each time the land trust accepts a conservation easement we also accept the legal responsibility to carry out the donor’s desires and the terms of the easement forever. Our monitoring program is designed to ensure that the trust fulfills its responsibility for guarding against easement violations.

SLT volunteers carry out periodic monitoring inspections. The land trust board:

  • trains and coordinates the activities of our monitors
  • keeps accurate and detailed reports of inspections
  • responds to violations with appropriate action including mediation and/or litigation.

Monitors walk properties once a year to check & mark boundaries, pick up litter, and watch for problems with erosion, dumping, unauthorized logging or other issues. They then file a simple report.


The land trust has a handful of trails on their public properties and we add more every year.  Trail crews help build new trail and maintain existing trail.  Before and during trail work, we:

  • Safety tailgate meeting – At the beginning of each project, SLT employees and lead volunteers give a safety overview of proper attire, tool handling, taking regular food and water breaks, tick and sun protection, first aid and more.
  • During trail work, volunteers learn about the steps involved in designing a trail and how to construct trail devices like treadways, side hilling, contour dips, steps, bridges, sign poles and more.
  • After a trail work day, volunteers usually enjoy a meal by the trail and discuss the days work and what happens tomorrow.

Invasive Control

In our special spot of paradise we are sadly plagued by many invasive plants and every year they take over and strangle native plants and spread further and further.  One of the jobs entrusted to the Land Trust is to protect our properties and to do that we need your help.  Volunteers who help control invasives with us learn a huge amount about identification and proper control methods for many types of invasives.  They not only help keep our lands protected, but now have the knowledge to manage invasives on their lands.  Its a very satisfying and rewarding job to see the work done at the end of the day and know that you helped protect it.

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