Goodbody / Paley Preserve

Project Description

Goodbody / Paley Preserve

The Paley Farm Preserve is a 19.9-acre ownership of the Sharon Land Trust. The preserve lies on the southern reach of Indian Mountain and harbors 17 acres of high-value farmland. It is contiguous with the SLT’s 87.655-acre Schwartz Preserve and collectively provides a 0.8-mile-long protected corridor to the highest elevations on Indian Mountain. Almost entirely open grassland, the Paley Farm Preserve’s north reach includes a 3.4-acre stand of upland hardwoods in a steep toe-slope position. A 0.42-acre tree island is situated along the eastern boundary’s stone wall. Access to the field is gained from Millerton Road.



Access and Trails

An unpaved ramp in excellent condition climbs from Millerton Road to the field for parking. Parking on Millerton Road/State Route 361 is not advised because of a lack of pull-off area.

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