Talbot Preserve

Project Description

Talbot Preserve

The Talbot Farm Preserve is a 67-acre ownership of the Sharon Land Trust. It includes and is is adjacent to a documented bog turtle (Glyptemys muhlenbergii) (federal and state endangered species) site. There are two compartments on the property: approximately 45 acres in hay and corn cultivation in a no-cost lease arrangement with a local farmer and approximately 17 acres of old field/young forest that is the site of an upcoming habitat restoration project for the New England cottontail rabbit (Sylvilagus transitionalis). There are open hedgerows along the eastern, southern, and southwestern boundaries including one on West Woods Road #1, a designated scenic road. A dense monoculture of mature spruce is found in the northwestern reach along Amenia Union Road. The farm is an important element of Sharon’s rural landscape and it is highly visible from local and state roads. Its visual/aesthetic attributes are an important driver of management on the property.




Access and Trails

There is parking at the farm entrance on West Woods Road #1 near a bronze sign that identifies the preserve.

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