Sharon Mountain Preserve

Project Description

The purpose of the Sharon Mountain Preserve Stewardship Plan is to guide the management of

the natural, agricultural, and aesthetic resources of the Sharon Mountain Preserve in a manner

consistent with the land ethic and goals of the Sharon Land Trust. The plan is based on objectives

defined by the trust’s Sharon Mountain Preserve Subcommittee. Project priorities and activities

are subject to subcommittee and board review and approval and funding availability.


The Sharon Mountain Preserve Stewardship Plan (SMPSP) is a resource conservation strategy that covers the

management of a 140.06-acre block of forestland, streams, pond and wetlands, and fields owned by the

Sharon Land Trust. The preserve consists of three contiguous fee ownerships bounded by Bowne Road, East

Street, and Tichnor Road:

1. Lynch Gift 29.964 acres South side of Bowne Road

2. Calinoff Gift 93.303 acres West side of East Street

3. Frueh Gift 16.800 acres North side of Tichnor Road



The SMPSP protects the ecological values of the preserve through the specification of various

management strategies ranging from benign stewardship to active manipulations. Such values include:

1. Unfragmented native forestland.

2. A variety of plant communities, such as mesic woods and upland wetlands.

3. Connections to larger areas of open space in the regional wildlands network.

4. Support of landscape-scale processes such as natural disturbance.

5. Provision of habitat for animals with a large home range (ex., black bear).

6. Water quality protection.

7. Provision of buffer services to protect critical ecological areas.

8. Presence of native structure and function not affected significantly by non-native species.

9. Naturalness, or the absence of significant alteration by human activities, in woodlands.

10. Rare species.

11. Agriculture.

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