Project Description

This 72 acre parcel is part of the larger Benton Hill Fen which is home to many rare and protected plant and animal species. It is one of the first vistas that motorist see as they enter Sharon from New York State on one of Sharon’s gateway roads. Sharon Land Trust is committed to protecting Sharon’s gateway roads.  This parcels acquisition is the first step in what we hope to be a large block of conserved property along Route 343.  Route 343 is a scenic gateway from New York State into the town of Sharon and is known for its scenic vista of wetlands and ridge lines. Benton Hill Road is known for its scenic value and vista of farm fields, wetlands and distant hills.

This parcel is in the vicinity of seven (7) State-listed plant species and two (2) Critical Habitats and have great potential to host multiple State-listed species and Critical Habitats.  The parcel also contains a significant acreage of Farmland of Statewide Importance and Prime Farmland.

The parcel is open to the public for passive recreation which includes walking, hiking, x-country skiing and horseback riding.

In the Fall of 2017, work started in the construction of a 2.5 mile loop trail with connection trails to Benton Hill Rd and Rt 343.  At the close of 2017, a 3/4 mile connector trail from Benton Hill was almost complete.  A separate loop trail around a small hidden pond was created about 1/2 mile into the trail from Benton Hill.  16 volunteers spent over 80 hours flagging, brushing, clearing and raking the new trail.  When the trail is complete, we will open the trail to the public and post a trail map here.  Until then, if you or someone you know might be interested in volunteering for trail work to help finish this project, please call or email us today!

Parking will be on Benton Hill Rd directly across from its intersection with Cross Field Drive.