Strategic Plan

The Town of Sharon is fortunate to have extensive lands of exceptional scenic, environmental and agricultural value. They are an important asset of the town, and preservation of the rural appearance is in line with town commitment to retain its rural character.

Plan Objectives

  1. To preserve Sharon’s rural character and appearance, especially its open spaces, views, and vistas, as seen from its system of roads.
  2. To retain open farm fields with special priority given to gateway roads which establish the rural character of the town.
  3. To work to insure that any development in these corridors minimizes the impact on scenic and agricultural values.
  4. To protect important wetlands, woodlands, animal habitats, and recreational areas.
  5. To extend greenways which represent important animal and plant habitat.

Highest Priority Gateway Roads

Sharon gateway roads – Routes 4, 41 and 343 – comprise farmland in active use, numerous historic houses and barns, and panoramic views. Some of these properties should be preserved and others developed in ways that protect their rural character and scenic vistas.

Strategic Plan Activities

  1. Raise funds for purchase of land or easements on land of special scenic, natural, environmental, recreational, historic, or farming value to the rural atmosphere of the town of Sharon.
  2. Work with Conservation Commission to inventory key assets of town.
  3. Gather information from and partner with other land trusts and towns.
  4. Review existing town ordinances as they relate to retaining the rural atmosphere of Sharon and open space preservations. Encourage changes as needed.
  5. Establish a working relationship with town government for open space planning and implementation.
  6. Seek grants and federal and state funding for open space preservation.
  7. Conduct and co-sponsor seminars, produce written materials and publicity to educate land owners, local officials, and the general public in the land trust area on the need for land preservation and how it is accomplished.
  8. Contact owners of top priority lands to discuss individually the various land preservation options that might best fit their situation.
  9. Educate town land owners on value and tax advantages of donating easements.
  10. Negotiate and accept easements.
  11. Monitor and protect and, if necessary, legally defend lands owned or eased to the land trust.
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