SLT History

The Sharon Land Trust was incorporated on October 14, 1982. Although the Land Trust received gifts and easements during the 1980’s, it did not take a proactive approach to land preservation until the late 1990’s.


When the beautiful Twin Oaks field was threatened with development, a new board of directors of the Sharon Land Trust, with Larry Power as president, went to the Sharon community and asked for donations to purchase the seventy acre property in order to preserve this world class view from Route 41 for future generations to enjoy. Residents responded generously and enthusiastically. And, with the help of the Salisbury Land Trust and the late Robert Blum, the Sharon Land Trust bought the field on April 7, 1998.

The purchase of the Twin Oaks launched the Sharon Land Trust into a new era, and none too soon. Development pressures had begun to mount. The Twin Oaks stand today as a reminder of how precarious the beauty of our town is, and how it can never be taken for granted. That is why membership in the Land Trust has grown from twelve families to over 300 Sharon families. And it continues to grow.

Today the Sharon Land Trust holds conservation easements on more than 1133 acres and owns more than 1037 acres. This land will remain open and unspoiled in perpetuity, for the use and enjoyment of everyone now and forever. But the work of preservation has only begun. Large developments are in progress or under discussion in Amenia, Pine Plains, Wingdale and other surrounding communities. And as development pressures continue to mount, the preservation of open space-farmland and environmentally important forest-is more critical than ever.

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